Dilettante Volume I
New Harmony

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Dilettante Volume 2: New Harmony
Dilettante Volume 2: New Harmony

Dilettante is a biennial publication that comes out of the residency program Summer Forum for Inquiry + Exchange.

The inaugural residency took place from July 21-28, 2012 in New Harmony, Indiana, the site of two failed utopian communities from the early 19th century, where thirty-four residents spent the week discussing a selection of texts and the theme “Community, Utopia, and the Individual.” Dilettante’s contributors are residents, staff members, or invited guests from Summer Forum 2012. The contributions together form a diverse group (transcripts, poems, visual pieces, correspondence, essays, photos, etc.) but are tied—sometimes tightly, sometimes loosely—to the theme, the place, the texts, or the residency experience.

Edited by Sara Knox Hunter

Featuring contributions by 2012 Summer Forum residents and invited guests:

  • Kari Altmann
  • Rocket Caleshu
  • Caroline Carlsmith
  • Julia Cole
  • Chris Cuellar
  • Sam Davis
  • Linh Dinh
  • David Elliott
  • Luke Fischbeck
  • Jais Gossman
  • Sadie Harmon
  • Diana Harper
  • Brandon Hinman
  • Jason Lazarus
  • Sofia Leiby
  • Christy LeMaster
  • Timothy McCarthy
  • Rachel Monroe
  • Lauren Rosenblum
  • Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal
  • Willy Smart
  • Colleen Stockmann
  • Randall Szott
  • Sean Ward
  • Bradley Wester
  • Brandon Wilner
  • Brook Sinkinson Withrow